April 2009

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if you want to see a new cheat about dr hare, go to poptropica help blog

Hey Poptropica fans! now I know some of you are maybe all the way around the world, but as you know, im Canadian. So today for me is Easter, But to all of you, all the way around the world or not, Happy Easter, Poptropicans!

Wow!Comic kid looking quite heroic, huh?


Hi Poptropica fans! today I have for you some BIG cheats! If you press Ctrl + Shift + r it will randomize your charecter giving him/her hand held items such as a tennis racket, basket ball or cellphone! If you press Ctrl + Shift + s it changes your skin colour! And one last one if you press Ctrl + Shift +p it will give you a pumpkin mask!

Hey guys! if you like poptropica cheats and walkthroughs, this is the site for you!