May 2009

New Header! Do you like it?


I am proud to present the 2 new authors of this blog,

POPTROPICAL THUNDER AND SERIOUS FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am no good with graphics, you two are free to make my header better than it is! Special thanks to grantm56 for showing me how to add staff! Skinny snowball, out!

Here is a picture of my poptropica guy!



Hey you guys! I do not mean to beg but I REALY need a new staff member! Look down for a nother post about staff, read it, and come back up to comment here with all the requirements!

There is a new page called, Early Poptropica Guide!

Hi guys! Skinny Snowball here just telling you that you can now find me at Poptropical thunders Help blog!

In other news ive recantly changed my avatar, though its a little blury.