June 2009

A guy (posibly a kid.) or girl has hacked poptropical thunders blog. We know him as the vile Binary Bard from astro knights, and he has come back to haunt us! Join team thunder on her blog and stop this creepy loser! Team thunder, unite!

Boo bard!

Boo bard!


there are yet new costumes in the store!  It has someting to do with cowboys, baseball players, and snakes!  creator posting: Dr. Hare    Title: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly     description: we’ve added some new items to the store. Hope you’re not afraid of snakes!  The snake hair looks cool! seriousfox out.

There is now new clothes at the store for Poptropican’s buy!!There are different types of food..a boy singer..and pirates..ARR..


Are you going to Buy Them!

Have You Spent all your credit!

There is a new SnapShot Saga with Vlad the Viking

A visit to Arturus was a chance of a lifetime, and I had been waiting MONTHS for this! It was going to be grand, taking a trip to the famed castle, and visiting the small museum dedicated to Mordred, the infamous scientist!

When I had finally taken my first steps into Arturus, a great rumble filled the air and the ground shook. It soon became apparent that a great battle had begun at the castle, and all I had was my trusty camera! I am no coward (well, not a coward all of the time), but I couldn’t fight these flying ships without a sturdy axe, and I just had my hair re-braided, and… well… I just couldn’t jump into the fray.

A laser blast exploded near my feet, and I was thrown back through the doorway of the nearby Crop Circle Inn. This was just getting to be too much! My freshly braided hair was still intact, but my favorite boots were practically ruined from the searing heat of the barrage!

With the sounds of battle still ringing outside, I decided to hunker down in safety with the other Poptropican’s that apparently had the same idea as myself. One Poptropican in particular caught my attention. His name is Young Bug, and he was a Ninja! I definitely didn’t feel cowardly knowing that even a Ninja equipped with nunchaku wasn’t too fond of entering battle against flying machines with laser guns!

Congratulations Young Bug, you have just been featured in Snapshot Sagas!

youngBugBe safe while rescuing Arturus from danger, and watch for me as you travel throughout Poptropica!

950 Hits!!! Cookies of all kind for everyone!



Do you Like the New Header!!

Its Looks Like BINARY BARD is having a stroll around the Planets!3sharksHe Says..

The Space Sharks are among my strongest but most stupid creations. They are a little thick headed, so I had to shoot at all three of them just so I could get their attention. We had quite a lovely space stroll until one of them got carried away and took a bite out of my space ship. What a mechanical mess! along with 0110111101110101011101000010000001100110
011100110111010001110010011011110110110001101100(which means out for a stroll)

i wonder if Binary Bard(jester Dude) is doing more of these!

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