about us

This is the About Us Page. Here you can learn about the people who made this blog or help make it!!

Skinny snowball:Hi Im skinny snowball and im 11 years old and like poptropica. I am a boy. I’m a Canadian just so ya know.

Bony melon: An 11 year old boy who loves poptropica, club penguin, he is the Graphic guy here and is our faviroute Aussie!

seriousfox: A 7 year old girl (tied with poptropical thunder for first girl staff.) who loves playing poptropica and club penguin.

Potropicalthunder: A 9 year old girl(tied with seriousfox for first girl staff) who lives in Houston, Texas(I think) she loves to blog and play poptropica and club penguin. She also owns another blog that i work at http://www.poptropicalthunder.wordpress.com

Cheerful Goose: A 10 year old girl that plays poptropica. She lives in Galax Virginia. Real name: Erlinda Ramirez Tellez. (I hate Ramirez. I hope no one suddenly goes around to find me.) She is a blogger.


6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Isabella Says:

    I LOVE Poptropica!

  2. Bony Melon Says:

    I can edit this Page…I was going to put me in it…Skinny Snowball can you make me a higher rank

  3. U, Acually I was the first girl one. I cannot edit this page because I am only a contributor.

  4. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    no we came together so edit the page and say that PoptropicalThunder and seriousfox are our first girl staff.

    1. skinnysnowball Says:


  5. Win4Ever Says:

    Hey, congratulations! Would you like to join our club?
    I am Win4EvR- a KBS Gold Exec – We just started and we’re called the Kid Blogger Society. We are only inviting the best bloggers.
    Check this out: http://kidbloggersociety.com/ and tell me what you think. If you want to join with us email ftballer901@gmail.com or fill out the form on the How To Join Page at the KBS site and i’ll send you the stuff to join. We’re gonna have meetings and parties with kid bloggers from all different games. The site has forums for blogging tips and pages for virtual world help. Let me if you think we should invite anyone else too.
    ** Hope to see you around the KBS!

    KBS Exec

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