Binar Bard

Welcome, to the Chat page, were YOU are aloud to talk any thing you want. (it can be about club penguin or poptropica ONLY) For example, you may talk about island releases. WARNING: If the chat page is misused, it will be removed, so watch what you say, and how you say it. UPDATE: You may now talk about anything you want! ANYTHING!


26 Responses to “Chat page”

  1. cool person Says:

    I can’t wait for the medieval party to come out on Club Penguin!

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      Me neather!

  2. 1846914 Says:

    I’m not a member, and I can’t believe almost everything in clubpenguin has to be membership required. 😦

    1. a1130 Says:

      I am.

  3. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    i feel bad for you but i am a member.

  4. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    yay! we can talk about anything!

  5. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    what if you get membership for your birthday? my brother got membership on his birthday.

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      im getting one in the summer.

  6. stardust Says:

    when is astro nights coming

    Skinny snowball: I dont know

  7. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    everybody,i just want you to know that only the creators know not anybody else.

    1. Bony Melon Says:



  8. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    i can’t post yet.

    1. Bony Melon Says:

      fair enough

  9. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    how do you post on someone else’s blog and answer quickly.

    1. Bony Melon Says:

      Who me!

  10. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    yes you!

  11. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    Skinnysnowball could you add me again? It is the only way i will post on your blog.

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      every time i try it just wont work. ask bony melon tto do it. sorry!

  12. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    Bony Melon please do it.

  13. seriousfox Says:

    wait add this user.

    1. skinnysnowball Says:


  14. Tii Says:

    Hi!!! Cool blog! Anyways, what are you guys talking about?

  15. Don’t copy my blog!!! Don’t steal ideas unless you ask me FIRST! And you stole the name, also!

    1. Never copy anything unless you have MY permission. Don’t ask the other people, you need to ask ME. And I really hate it when people take my ideas and claim it as theirs! 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡

      1. skinnysnowball Says:

        srry ill change the name

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