Okay, so here you go. I am a pro at all islands, so just comment if you want to see another island guide, just comment and tell me!

1. Go to Early poptropica on your map.

2. Walk side ways to your right until you reach the end.

3. Continue right.

4. Go right to the well and enter it.

5. Look for a glow stick.

6. Once found, bring the glow stick to the sewer on main street.

7. Avoid all obsticals and the giant spider. (but go right first to find a pig.)

8. Keep going left, even when it says “Go Left.”

9. You shouuld be in a dark room, and if so, move up to the top.

10. Look for a golden egg.

11. Bring the golden egg to poptropica towers.

12. Climb up the first building, and work your way left to a building called Roof Top Resturant.

13. Climb up Roof Top Resturant, and go all the way until you reach the top of the clouds.

14. go all the way right until you see a giant.

15. Click on him and he will let you pass, and if you go right, you will go to his garden

16. Keep going right until you see a water bucket, and run over it.

17. Continue right and find a jet pack.(you will automaticly put it on.)

18. Fly back to the garden, but this time under the plant until you see a hole.

19. You will be on a water tower and see a flag.

20. Run over the flag.

21. Go to all the way right again and go past the sign that says “Early Poptropica.”

22. Talk to the guy that is by the fence.

23. You will give him the pig.

24. Move over to the guy beside the well and talk to him.

25. You will give him the water bucket.

26. Go right and find a tower.

27. Climb up it and talk to the guy.

28. You will give him the flag.

29. Go right and talk to the guy on the ship.

30. He will give you the island medalion!

Congrats! You have just completed EARLY POPTROPICA, ISLAND QUEST!!!!! For some reason, im going to put this: Roof Top Resturant! See you later!


19 Responses to “Island Help”

  1. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    i have saved ALL the islands. so if you are stuck on saving an island just ask me.

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      i told you i was done them all

  2. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    i will help other people here but they rarely comment.

  3. muddydragon Says:

    This site is really lame. PHB pwns ur sols!!!

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      PHB is better, But there is absolutley NO reason to trash mine. Besides, if you dont like this site, dont go on it!

      1. skinnysnowball Says:

        By the way, my site is not realy lame. And no ofense but my blog could walk all over YOUR blog any day!

      2. Katie Says:

        This site is so cool BTW there is no need to be mean!

    2. Bony Melon Says:


    3. a1130 Says:

      well i guess so but check out the creators blog i think its sortof stupid that u cant comment

      1. a1130 Says:

        Oh I was talking to muddydragon.

  4. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    i KINDA agree with Muddydragon but that doesn’t mean i won’t go on it. it is just that you rarely post and comment.

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      yeah i dont, but bony melon will help me with that. right bony melon?

      1. SERIOUS FOX Says:

        then your site just got a whole lot better! I will tell people to come to your site! Hey people you should come to Skinnysnoball’s site! It has a new and good author!

      2. skinnysnowball Says:

        im a good author too!

      3. SERIOUS FOX Says:

        well at least you created this blog.

  5. SERIOUS FOX Says:

    but i LOVE your header!

  6. Bony Melon Says:

    YEp i sure Will

    1. skinnysnowball Says:

      could you please make my header better?

      1. Bony Melon Says:

        Can you email me your wordpress user name and pass(i wont do anything to yours) and ill change it on your account cause i cant change the header on my account

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