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Its Looks Like BINARY BARD is having a stroll around the Planets!3sharksHe Says..

The Space Sharks are among my strongest but most stupid creations. They are a little thick headed, so I had to shoot at all three of them just so I could get their attention. We had quite a lovely space stroll until one of them got carried away and took a bite out of my space ship. What a mechanical mess! along with 0110111101110101011101000010000001100110
011100110111010001110010011011110110110001101100(which means out for a stroll)

i wonder if Binary Bard(jester Dude) is doing more of these!

The All New(well sorta) All Mighty ASTRO-KNIGHTS is here…it will take you on an adventure out of this world..


PS.If you didn’t Know Binary Bard (the jester dude) is Evil!

This Picture is of the fish that we saw in the old sketches by  PCB


He must be holding his breath pretty long if he is at the bottom of the water?who knew Comic Kid actually had super powers!

How are ya Mates..I am 11 year old boy, which i am a Pure Aussie. I can be funny when i get the chance…From Now on Call me …BONY MELON


Hope you Like Me!!

New Header! Do you like it?

I am proud to present the 2 new authors of this blog,

POPTROPICAL THUNDER AND SERIOUS FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I am no good with graphics, you two are free to make my header better than it is! Special thanks to grantm56 for showing me how to add staff! Skinny snowball, out!